Lauren Romanelli
Event Rider & Trainer
Big Idea Eventing


Amanda worked on my mare, Brandy, the day before dressage at a horse trial. She pinpointed her tight spots immediately and accurately and very touchy Brandy clearly enjoyed her massage. I had a lesson that evening and the results were noticeable to me in the saddle and my trainer on the ground. She was much happier to push with her weak hind leg and much freer through her shoulder after her body work. I would recommend Amanda to work on any horse to improve their overall health and fitness!

Kelli Jackson and Arwen


Amanda is a rare find in today's world. While many professionals can show themselves competent and knowledgeable, and others friendly and helpful, rarely do you find one who manages to embody all of these qualities at once. I was struck by her awareness and understanding of each of my horses as individuals.  She was able to find trouble spots that I didn't even know existed and cause my horses to be more supple and have greater freedom and strength in each gait.


Meagan Attanasio
Dresage Rider


My horse, Borsalei, was coming back into work after being off for a year due to an injury. He was sore after starting the training program back up. After Amanda worked on him I noticed a difference right away not only in his movement but also in his attitude. Her massage was extremely effective, and I could tell she was not only knowledgeable but also cared about my horse not just as a client. It was a great experience, and I definitely plan to keep her coming back every month.

Happy Clients


Thank you to each of my clients.  Without you I could not have a job that I love!  These are just some of the great clients and horses I get to work with. 

Katherine Wallace and Dexter


Amanda has a gift with horses that goes beyond her technical expertise. She has a manner of making the horses comfortable and understanding their needs. She is genuinely interested in helping the horse and rider and understanding the issues both are experiencing.  She has worked several times with my horse and he is relaxed and happy to see her. Even though he is not a competition horse, regular massage therapy will be a part of his ongoing maintenance to keep him happy.

Alex Green
Event Rider & Trainer
Dry Ridge Farm


Amanda has been working on my horses for the past couple of years and the results have been impressionable and deserving of much needed credit. Not very often will you sit on a horse that feels as loose and muscularly sound as the ones that Amanda has worked on. The work she does is nothing but top class and something that I think could benefit any horse within any program. Whether it be a pleasure riding horse or a top event horse they all benefit from her expertise.


Dennis and Kathy Hayward


Although our 29-year old Quarter Horse, Buddy, is retired, he still gets the aches, pains and stiffness that come with advancing age.  So for several years, Amanda’s regular massages have helped Buddy get around more comfortably.  He’s healthier and happier because of these treatments and we’re thankful for Amanda’s tender loving care of our old boy.


**Sadly Buddy passed away in early 2013, but he will live on in the hearts of everyone who knew him.  He was a once in a lifetime horse, and I was blessed to have known and worked with Buddy.  Being one of my first horses to work with, Buddy helped me see what changes massage can make in all horses. 

Kate Wooten
Saddle Fitter & Eventer
Small Time Eventing


Amanda has responsibility for maintaining my herd of event ponies. She is an essential part of our program. Amanda cares for their muscles, and most importantly, gives me immediate feedback on their general condition and their backs in particular. By working together, we are able to identify and resolve any issues before they become a problem. She is also an essential part of my own business, since she is able to let me know when adjustments that I make to clients’ saddle fit are needed.

Laura Wolfe
Dressage L Judge


OMG!! I never knew how much better my horse could go. She has always been capable of good movement but it was not always achieved cheerfully. After a massage, she goes forward so much more willingly. I am feeling her back swing like never before. Before I would think of a massage as useful after certain instances like a fall, heavy work or anything unusually stressful. Now, massage will be part of my regular horse maintenance program - at least two times a month, if not more!! 


**Dulci sadly passed away in 2012 after a freak accident in her pasture.  This mare was a exact personality match to my own mare so I loved her like she was my own.  I saw glad I knew Dulci for the time I did, and she taught me much about working with mares.  She will be greatly missed. 

Barbara Folsom
Dressage Rider


Thank you Amanda Starr Bodyworks!! This professional knows her anatomy and the spatial complexity of body and mind function. More importantly, she knows how to SUCCESSFULLY intervene using those very body mechanics. And what's wrong with this picture??? I'm jealous of my horse!