What to Expect

To Schedule feel free to call or text Amanda at 404-645-4469

First Session

The first session will average around 1.5 to 2 hours so please plan accordingly.

When I arrive for the first visit I will spend some time not only learning about you but also your equine partner.  It is very helpful for my treatments to have a full medical history and idea of what life depends of your horse.  I will ask you to fill out a form so I may keep on file all your horse's information and progress notes.

Evaluation & Session

After taking a history I will ask to do a hands-on evaluation to get a preliminary reading of your horse's current condition.  This will be followed by doing a movement evaluation if needed to determine areas with restriction.  During this time we will also be able to note if your horse has any lameness issues that a veterinarian should address first.  In the movement evaluation I prefer to see your horse move at a walk and trot, but please let me know if you are unable to jog your horse for me.


Once this is done I am ready to perform the massage session.  Again this usually ranges from 1 hour to 1.5 hours in length.  I find it most beneficial to work on your horse in their stall so long as they are comfortable and relaxed in that environment.  Otherwise the session can be done in crossties, barn aisle, or anywhere the horse is comfortable.  Generally I only ask that someone be there to hold the horse for the first session so we know how they will respond to the bodywork.

After the Session

Once the session is over it is best for you to either ride, lunge, or hand walk your horse.  This assures that the muscles have time to cool down and stretch the muscles I have released.

Once done I will give you a completed form to keep with your records of the findings for that session.  I can also send a copy to your veterinarian to keep with their records on request.

After the first massage I do not require someone present to hold your horse unless we determined it is in their best interest to do so.  Generally the best sessions happen when I am able to work on the horse alone in a quiet environment.